Brand Ambassador FAQ


  1. I want to be a BOHOBLU Ambassador! Is there a minimum number of followers required to be a part of this? 
    1. Accounts with a minimum of 2,000 followers or with a highly engaged audience are encouraged to apply.

  2. Would ambassadors buy products and show them or “borrow” products and show them?
    1. Ambassadors would purchase products at a discounted price with an exclusive coupon code and post on their Instagram feed, stories, and TikToks (when applicable). As you sell more products, you can will free pieces and other perks! 

  3. Would brand ambassadors need to only be representing BOHOBLU or are they allowed to represent other brands as well? 
    1. You will not need to be exclusively promoting BOHOBLU, but the more you promote BOHOBLU and increase in affiliate sales, your commission percentage will increase.

  4. Will brand ambassadors sign a contract? 
    1. By agreeing to our terms and conditions you are contractually obligated to comply with our program rules.

  5. What is the current commission payout for affiliates?
    1.  10% of the customer's entire purchase, excluding shipping and tax.

  6. How long after I refer a customer to your site can I still earn a commission?
    1. We have a 7-day cookie duration.

  7. When do I receive my commission?
    1. Once you have reached commission earning status, you will receive your commission on the 5th of the month following the paid purchases.

  8. Can I use my affiliate’s discount to make purchases at your store?
    1. Unfortunately, you cannot. Your code is valid online only!

  9.  How will I know what my coupon code is?
    1. You will get an email with 24 hours of approval with the code for you to share and the code for your personal purchases.

  10.  How do I generate my affiliate links?
    1. To generate a unique affiliate link, simply copy the link from "your affiliate link."

  11. What happens if there is a return from an order placed with my link or code?
    1. When there is a refund or cancellation of an order, the commission will be deducted automatically from the unpaid earnings of the affiliate.

  12.  Can I promote all of your products ?
    1. You can always promote us as a brand and our full priced products! Also, we will have specific items that we would ask you to choose from to ensure inventory is high enough for promotion.

  13. Is there specific language or hashtags needed in posts? 
    1. If you have been approved, then we think you would represent our brand well! So stay true to who you are in your language. Obviously keep it classy! You will need to use the hashtag #mybohoblu in your posts.

  14.  Will we be tagged in the pictures of us shared by BOHOBLU?
    1. You sure will! :)

Have a question that isn't answered here? Email and we will be happy to help you! 

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