5 Essentials to Add to Your Spring Wardrobe

Now that spring has officially arrived, many people are putting away their winter clothes in exchange for their lighter spring clothes. That being said, there are certain clothing items that are essential when you’re getting ready for spring. In today’s post, we will give you a guide for five of the essentials you need to add to your wardrobe this spring.

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When it’s cold outside, most people aren’t willing to sacrifice their warmth for a cute sundress. However, now that the weather is warming up, you can wear your fabulous dresses without worry! There’s no question that a sundress is a springtime staple, especially if it features a beautiful floral pattern. Find a dress that flatters your figure, and pair it with a cardigan to combat any winter chill that is still in the air, or wear it loud and proud! You can find sundresses in both our Missy and Curvy collections at BohoBlu, so start shopping now!


Jumpsuits are becoming more and more popular with every passing year, so if you don’t already have a few in your repertoire, then now is the time to get started! These fun and fashionable staples come in many different styles and thousands of patterns, so you are sure to find more than one that fits your aesthetic. The great thing about buying jumpsuits in the spring is that you don’t have to worry about layering up to stay warm. Instead, you can simply throw on a cardigan or a light jacket and leave your favorite new jumpsuit on display!

A Fashionable Handbag

If you’re planning to go out with friends or run errands, then a fashionable handbag is essential. While most women have more than one handbag in rotation, you can never have too many, so use the warmer temperatures as an excuse to add another to your wardrobe! Crossbody handbags are perfect for those who are always on the go and don’t want to have to worry about bringing their purse along. A nice tote or a larger hobo bag is also a good option if you like to carry everything you need all in one bag.

Skinny Jeans

Many people are under the impression that they don’t look good in skinny jeans, and that simply isn’t true. Skinny jeans make your legs look longer and hug your figure in all the right places. Additionally, you can pair both a fitted tee and a flowy blouse with skinny jeans and look amazing in either! Not many pants can pull that off. For this reason, skinny jeans are a must-have in your spring wardrobe, and you will easily be able to pair them with all of your new spring tops.

Plain T-Shirts

When you think of spring clothing, you most likely think of bright colors and floral prints — plain t-shirts probably aren’t even on your radar. That being said, t-shirts are an essential part of any wardrobe, as they can be paired with any accessories, cardigans, or even a pair of printed pants or a skirt! For example, if you don’t feel like putting much effort into your appearance, then you can put on some skinny jeans, a plain tee, and your favorite scarf and earrings. Suddenly, your plain t-shirt has become a trendy outfit with hardly any effort at all!

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The arrival of spring is the perfect excuse to upgrade your wardrobe with all of the essentials you need. At BohoBlu, we offer timeless women’s clothing and accessories, giving you the freedom to stay on trend year after year. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your comfort or your budget in order to buy the spring’s hottest clothing items. Instead, find comfortable clothes that you can afford at BohoBlu! Browse our women’s clothing online, or visit one of our locations in North Carolina today!

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